Distant Stars

It has been 200 years since the NACR Libertad launched from the planet Earth. The All Father Castro gave his blessing as the crew and members launched to ensure that the human race survived, while the Earth recovers from the 300 year Nuclear Winter. History lessons tell you that John F Kennedy and Nikita Krushchev let pride and their own beliefs govern their lives and together they sacrificed the world because of their arrogance. Father Fidel Castro was there to salvage what was left of the world and unite everyone as one. He formed the North American Communist Republic (NACR) out of a horror stricken world to lead everyone out of darkness. Even with all of his knowledge, wisdom and power, the damage to the Earth was beyond repair. So using some of the bravest men and women, he built the Libertad, a vessel to sail the stars and selected the brightest and the best the world had to offer and sent them on a 500 year trip around the solar system to survive beyond the nuclear winter and return when the world would be ripe for humans to repopulate the Earth.

The players are the descendants of the original crew members, although they do not know who their parents are, nor do they have a desire to know them. After birth, children are given up by their parents and raised by teachers and trained on how to be productive members in the ship’s society, a welcomed member of the Libertad’s team and an active participant in the Republic.

The players have been instructed as far back as you can remember on “The Three Truths”.

The Three Truths:
1. All Father Castro gave us life
2. The Republic over the Individual
3. The Father is never questioned

The players have been raised knowing that their primary functions are to produce an offspring that the human race can live in order for their descendants to return to Earth and to complete their assigned duties to keep the ship operational until it returns to Earth. They have never been a trouble maker, nor have they seen anyone ever cause trouble. However, everyone fears the unknown of what happens if the The Three Truths are not followed.

Distant Stars